Posted by: Jo | July 19, 2011

life’s too short

Last week, something horrible happened. And I don’t mean I got stuck in traffic and was running late to work. Or my hair stylist cut off five inches when I said “just a trim.” Or my dog ate one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Or someone pissed me off by saying something stupid or mean.

Someone I didn’t even know was killed in an act of senseless violence and I cannot shake it. I haven’t stopped thinking about this random act since I first heard on Friday afternoon from a friend who worked with the victim. I know this sort of thing happens every day – even in Atlanta tragedy strikes all the time. It’s why I can’t bear to watch the evening news. But this is different. Maybe it’s because it was in a parking garage I knew well, in an area that I always assumed to be safe. Maybe it’s because she went to my alma mater, UGA. Maybe it’s because it was someone my friend worked with and it could have very easily been her walking out to the parking garage that day. Maybe it’s because she could have easily been one of my friends.

I have found myself following this story hoping that the authorities can make some sense out of this. But there is no sense to it. It’s random (although I think the actual word I’m looking for is bulls***). It shouldn’t have happened. Her family and friends shouldn’t be ripped apart right now and mourning her loss. She was too young and had too many years ahead of her. In one of the articles, there was a link to her blog.  I read through a couple posts that started to paint a picture of who this girl was. Someone who appreciated the life that was so unjustly taken from her. In ways most others take for granted. Someone who had such a joy and love for life. Heartbreaking.

Her death is so tragic and so troubling – I am so saddened by it and I can’t wrap my head around why it happened. This world is so evil sometimes. It’s amazing that one girl who I never even knew can affect me in such a way that makes me hurt so badly for her friends and family. Her life was too short so loved and seemed to have make an incredible impact on this earth. I know she has on me.

I want to appreciate life like Brittney Fox Watts did. Because who knows how long we ever have?

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