Posted by: Jo | July 20, 2011

a bachelorette recap

Last weekend, I got to celebrate one of my most favorite people in the world! KH soon to be KS is getting married in August in St. John thanks for getting married in such an awesome place BTW and a trip to Athens was in order. For the seven of us, including her sister, Athens is a huge part of our friendship we all met at UGA, which KH attended because of her sister. We went up Saturday afternoon, did some decorating and opened gifts and KH and I had the following conversation:

“Why do people keep giving me gifts? I didn’t do anything!” – KH

“You have made a man fall in love with you. You have succeeded in life!” – me in my best “Obnoxious Southern Belle” voice.

We grabbed tapas for dinner, ventured out to the side of town that the townies and professors frequent, and grabbed some yummy drinks at Highwire Lounge might I suggest the Pepper Basil Caipirinha. And then we got around to feeling old.

Here we are at Half Moon Pub below Flannagan’s quite possibly the only places that have survived since our freshmen years…. with a group out for their friend’s 21st.

“Y’all are a bachelorette party? Man! I feel young!”- Birthday Boy

“Yeah and I feel old!” – Any one of us could have replied with this statement.

Some observations:

  • My friends are not good at taking shots anymore. “I haven’t taken a shot in years!” Wait, what? Why not? Wait – why am I still taking shots?
  • One of our old fresh/soph year hangouts (aka places who accepted your library card as proper identification) was converted into a bar called 8D’s a couple years ago. We thought it was the greatest thing ever. Now they’ve opened 9D’s and I’m a little disturbed by this. When they open 00’s, I’m going to have a tantrum and reserve every right to have a midlife crisis in the process.
  • People born in 1990 really love Hanson. I mean, holy crap – Mmmmmbop came on and you would have thought you were in Shea Stadium in 1965 and the Beatles had just come on stage. It really made me question America’s youth.
  • Penis straws, a Bachelorette Party staple, will get you a few questionable stares the night of the Bachelorette party but should be disposed of properly afterward. No one wants a big blue penis straw falling out of their purse during work hours or a casual week night dinner. I’m looking at you, NK.
  • Don’t show anyone your 1980 birthdate. Accept the fact that they think you’re a 5th year senior and move on.


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