Posted by: Jo | July 20, 2011

Mischief Managed.

I realize I’m about 6 days late on my Harry Potter review but being that I didn’t see it until Monday, I figured I might as well blog about it late as well. J and I went to the Mall of Georgia’s 3-D IMAX screen because I insisted. It’s a little bit of a trek for us, 45 minutes or so, but I’m so glad we did (we weren’t as dedicated for HPATDH PT 1 and I kind of wish we had been). It was amazing. I laughed, I cried. I nominated Molly Weasley for the badass of the year award. I’m so glad they kept that line in the movie! I felt a little bit empty inside when the credits rolled.

Naturally, I dressed up Gryffindor. I got some interesting looks from passersby since a) it was a Monday b) The movie came out like 4 days before and c) I’m 30 years old. I didn’t care. Personally I was pleased with my conservative version of the slutty Hermione costume thankyouverymuch. Besides, how else could I get this awesome shot?

I am totally on the wrong side. I am totally not a Death Eater.

Couple of thoughts:

  • Last scene: Ron, Harry, and Draco looked successfully aged but why did Ginny and Hermione still look 18? Still glad they played themselves in that scene.
  • Apparently, Blaise replaced Crabbe in the Room of Requirement scene because the actor who played Crabbe was arrested for cannabis possession. It confused me because I didn’t catch that it was Blasie. Why is Crabbe suddenly black?
  • Ralph Fiennes killed it as Voldemort in this franchise. BTW, HP has the best casting directors ever.
  • I want to read the books again. All of them.

Also, other people liked it:

Lindsay, I promise I didn’t highjack your title. We just think alike, as usual:

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Go see it. The End.



  1. Shouldn’t you be giving a shout out to the QofTU for your ability to ignore Muggles with absolutely no sense of adventure or style. Oh, and might I borrow your outfit? xo QofTU

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