Posted by: Jo | August 15, 2011

Caribbean Debut

As I mentioned before, my friend KH became KS recently in St. John. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. S! Which meant celebrating their union included a nice, relaxing vacation just what I needed in the Caribbean. Being the fabulous hosts they are, they provided brews at the ferry dock welcoming us to their island paradise, a sunset sail, and plenty of rum punch at their wedding reception y’all were seriously awesome hosts. We spent the rest of the time hanging out at the beaches, snorkeling, and frequenting the local hotspot, Beach Bar, in the evenings more Painkillers, please. We ended up there for their official-unofficial welcome party on Thursday, which happens to be open mic night at the Beach Bar.

KH wasted no time letting me know she expected me to get on stage: “You have to sing! I’m the bride and I command you!”*
*actual conversation may have differed slightly

You have to do what the bride says, right?

Impromptu Jam Session

The fabulous thing about this open mic was that people just got on stage and jammed with you. It was so cool! I was about three chords into my first song when I heard bongos in the background. I kept playing despite my extreme desire to turn around and see if a naked Matthew McConnaughey had settled himself behind me . And then the host got on the keyboard where’s the keytar host guy? and added keys to the situation. I played a couple standard songs and somehow ended up singing on a cover of “Billie Jean” she says I am the one! but the kid is not my son… because I’m a girl.  All I know is that I have GOT to learn Kokomo for when I go back.

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