Posted by: Jo | March 12, 2015

Daddy & the Album

I started recording an album in August of 2014. I wish I would have started blogging when I started this exercise, but I didn’t. I wasn’t sure if anyone would find it interesting and what I failed to realize is it doesn’t matter. I would love to have seen my thoughts evolve since this began. I would have appreciated revisiting that experience. All the ups and downs of putting four of my songs that have existed for what seems like forever in a format that will. Posterity is a beautiful thing I’ve decided.

I did a lot of thinking, writing and a lot happened in that time since I went into the studio for the first time. Most notably, losing my father last October. I really wanted him to hear the progress – he wasn’t the biggest music fan in the world, but he did introduce me to EmmyLou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. I did used to sneak into his home office and use his CD and record player when I was little. His sound system completely won against my little cassette player. I never got the chance to share my songs with him. I wasn’t proud of them yet. I wasn’t sure they were good enough. He wouldn’t have cared.

“You never got to hear me sing and we never got to have our song”

I blog about my memories of my dad at


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